"The mission of Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington is to help boys and girls of all backgrounds, especially those who need us most, build confidence, develop character and acquire the skills needed to become productive, civic-minded, responsible adults."​​

Marty Alloy and David Reznick came from similar backgrounds.  Both cared about community development.  Both cared about preservation of housing.  Both cared about helping others.  In that vain, the David Reznick Foundation saw an opportunity to be able to give back to underserved youth.  The programs that the Boys & Girls Club offer are quite incredible.  Before, and after school, military programs and straight into guiding young seniors in high school to show them the path of becoming leaders and helping them to attain goals of getting into college. The majority of these young adults would probably never have been given an opportunity to be exposed to a college or university.  That's what this club does for these kids.

The David Reznick Foundation wanted to give back.  We have committed to a five year agreement to help these children grow into the leaders they want to be .