POTOMAC, MD -- The David Reznick Foundation is pleased to announce a generous donation to Wichita Habitat for Humanity, which will be used to revitalize and build affordable housing in one of the city's most blighted areas.  Specifically, the funds will facilitate the purchase of 15 lots, including one to be used for the construction of a three-bedroom home sponsored by the us.

"David devoted his life and career to increasing the availability of affordable housing and revitalizing neighborhoods, so we're excited to be able to accomplish that with this grant to Wichita Habitat for Humanity," said Maxine Siegel, David Reznick Foundation's advocacy director.  "This gives the foundation great pride because we know it will provide long-term stability for families for generations and strengthen a neighborhood." 

"The David Reznick Foundation gift will recharge the community revitalization efforts we began in the A. Price Woodward neighborhood through 'Rock the Block' in 2014," said Ann Fox, Wichita Habitat for Humanity executive director.  "The gift will allow us to further impact the community by increasing the number of owner-occupied ho,es and bring the pride of homeownership to the neighborhood through the acquisition of vacant properties and construction of one new affordable home."

What an incredible day.  On Monday, April 29, 2019, the Foundation had the honor of dedicating a home that was built and sponsored by us,  in remembrance of David Reznick, in the "Rock the Block" neighborhood.  In addition,  we provided extensive funds  that were put towards 16 additional land acquisitions ,  As of this date, three homes have been completed on the property funded by us.  We are making a difference! 





Dedication  - April 29, 2019

Leticia, DRF homeowner!



The Walls Go Up!                     February 13, 2019



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Wall raising on February 13th with speakers Ann Fox and Wichita City Councilman, Brandon Johnson.

In 2011, Mark Einstein, Founder and CEO of Community Preservation and Stewardship Corporation (known today as the David Reznick Foundation) was involved in a historic rehabilitation tax credit transaction located in Wichita, KS. An agreement was made that when this deal was completed, the foundation would invest part of the money it earned back into the city of Wichita's most blighted area.  The transaction was completed in September of 2018.  After researching possibilities, we scheduled a visit to Wichita Habitat for Humanity in October.  We met with Ann Fox, Executive Director and Katie Frank, Director of Development, the kindest, caring and hardest working people.  They truly believe in their commitment to Habitat.  Not only did we participate in a dedication of a home that day, we toured for two days, areas that were most affected and needed restoring.   It is no surprise, that emotions ran high and we knew, this is where we wanted the money to go.  We signed an MOU days before Mark's passing. He was well aware of the great  we were about to do.                                                    

Thank you, Mark, for having the passion and commitment and care for others.  Without you, this would have not been possible.