The David Reznick Foundation is a tribute to David's major contributions to affordable housing and community development.  Formerly known as Community Preservation and Stewardship Corporation, the foundation honors David's commitment to putting people first  in meeting the housing and service needs of the community.  The Foundation's current focus is on creating and supporting mentorship programs, in recognition of the many ways David Reznick supported and guided others. 

Organization History: CPSC was created in 2011 by David Reznick, Mark Einstein, and Peter Bell to increase the impact and duration of development in community revitalization efforts.

In 2012, CPSC partnered with the ROSS companies and Learning Ally to improve educational opportunities for public school students in Hyattsville, MD.   In 2013, CPSC received a grant to partner with the City of Westminster, MD to support start up businesses in the historic downtown commercial district.  In 2014, CPSC formed a partnership with the Railway Express Lofts, in Baltimore, MD, to preserve affordable housing in the developing Arts & Entertainment district. 

In 2015, the David Reznick Foundation was formed as a subsidiary of CPSC.  The Board of Directors guide our policies and programs.