The Railway Express Lofts is a stunning preservation of a landmark Parcel Post building located in the Station North Arts and Entertainment District.  The award-winning conversion to loft residences and commercial space has preserved this historically and architecturally significant structure, and is a model for adaptive reuse. 

Jubilee Baltimore helps the people of Baltimore build neighborhoods that are safe, stable, historic, attractive, and diverse.  Jubilee Baltimore develops both affordable and market-rate housing and brings particular expertise in historic renovation and community planning.  This past year, 2018, DRF gave a grant to Jubilee for the next 3 years to continue their mission in helping the community. 

The mission of The New Greenmount West Community Association is to improve the standard of living, quality of life and economic status regardless of gender, creed, culture, or class for all Greenmount West residents.

Greenmount West Legacy Homeowners Initiative

Baltimore, MD

The David Reznick Foundation partnered with Railway Express Lofts to support revitalization activities in the surrounding community. With funding from this partnership, the David Reznick Foundation collaberates with Jubilee Baltimore and the New Greenmount West Community Association to preserve affordable housing while sustaining their renewal efforts.  

Greenmount West is one of several neighborhoods in the Station North Arts and Entertainment District.  This region has experienced significant growth and revitalization, as new galleries, studios, restaurants, and theatres attract new residents.  However, the community is challenged to redefine itself without losing its roots and history, or disenfranchising long-time residents.